About Us

At Yama Heavy Equipment Corporation, providing heavy equipment to customers is a responsibility we take seriously. Our vision is not only for our company but for the whole country. We want to be one of the leaders in heavy equipment sales in the Philippines and as such be one of the biggest contributors to the industrialization of the Philippines.

 We started strong, and we have been getting stronger.

 Yama Heavy Equipment Corporation is focused on providing high-quality heavy equipment to the Philippine industrial and construction market since 2009. Our products generate the best solution for the needs of our customers, enabling them to confidently build roads, bridges, and other infrastructures.

Our equipment products are directly imported from China from our parent company. In the Philippines, we have firm control over sales of quality-guaranteed and inspected products, and we also provide service in terms of spare parts and other after-sales concerns.

 Clients can depend on the availability of spare parts and the required skills in repairing our equipment. We have a complete inventory of parts in our warehouse.

 Aside from these, we provide an easy way for our clients to contact us via our Aftersales Hotline.

Our goal is simple - to provide heavy equipment that our clients can rely on.


To be the leading low-cost heavy equipment provider company in the Philippines with superb product quality and efficient after-sales service.


To be recognized as the best low-cost heavy-equipment provider in the Philippines and neighboring Southeast Asian countries.


These are our main core values : TRUST, DEPENDABILITY, and EFFICIENCY.