XN 80-E Crawler Backhoe

Model: XN 80-E Crawler Backhoe

Engine Model: Yanmar
Engine Rated Power/RPM: 49.8 kw/ 2200 rpm
Operating Weight: 7300 kg
Bucket Capacity: 0.3 m2
Rotating Speed: 9 rpm 

Bucket Digging Force: 52 kN
Ground Pressure: 39 kPa
Cabin: Air-conditioned
Max. Digging Radius: 6240 mm
Max. Digging Depth: 3540 mm

Max. Digging Height: 6320 mm
Max. Dumping Height: 4440 mm
Max. Vertical Digging Depth: 3260 mm
Min. Rotation Radius: 2180 mm
Max. Lifting Height of Dozer Blade: 335 mm

Max. Digging Depth of Dozer Blade: 440 mm
Wheelbase: 2200 mm
Total Length of Track: 2750 mm
Platform Ground Clearance: 720 mm
Platform Back Turning Radius: 1570 mm

Chassis width: 2150 mm
Track Width: 400 mm
Chassis Ground Clearance: 345 mm
Track Height: 650 mm
Transport Height: 5830 mm
Height of cab: 2640 mm
Transport Width: 2160 mm

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