XY 65W-8 Wheel Backhoe

Model: XY 65W-8 Wheel Backhoe

Arm length: 1750 mm
Boom Length: 3060 mm
Bucket Capacity: 0.25 m2
Bucket Digging Force: 45 kN
Distance from the Digging Arm to the rotation machine: 3785 mm
Engine Rated Power/RPM: 42 kW/2100 rpm

Fuel Tank Capacity: 110L
Bucket Capacity:  30o
Bucket Capacity: 49 kPa
Hydraulic Tank Capacity: 125L

Width of Platform: 1900 mm
Travel Speed: 27 km/h
Rotation Speed of Platform: 10.5 rpm
Rise Quantity/ Distance Quantity of Bulldozing Plate: 380/100 mm
Overall Width: 1950 mm
Overall Height: 2750 mm

Operating Weight: 6000 kg
Min Platform Tail Turning radius: 1730 mm
Max. Traction Speed: 60 kN
Max. Length Transportation: 5415 mm

Max. Height for Bulldozing: 490 mm
Max. Ground Clearance: 260 mm
Max. Dumping Height: 3860 mm
Max. Digging Height: 5565 mm
Max. Digging Distance: 59700 mm

Max. Digging Depth: 3450 mm
Hydraulic Tank Capacity: 125L
Ground Pressure: 49 kPa
Gradeability: 30o
Fuel Tank Capacity: 110L

Engine Rated Power: 42 kW/ 2100 rpm
Distance from the Digging Arm to Rotate Machine: 3785 mm
Bucket Digging Force: 45 kN
Bucket Capacity:  0.25m2
Boom Length: 3060 mm
Arm Length: 1750 mm

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