Wheel Loader BACKHOE - 388

Model: Wheel Loader Backhoe 388

Overall Dimension  :
LxWxH: 5910x2268x3760 mm
Wheelbase: 2250 mm
Track: 1640 mm
Min. Ground Clearance: 300 mm

Main Technical Specification:
Four Wheel Drive, Whole Hydraulic System
System Pressure: 18 Mpa
Dig Hydraulic System: 20 Mpa
Steering Hydraulic System: 12 Mpa

System Flow: 120 L/min
Total Operating Weight: 7600 kg
Maximum Speed: 22 Km/h
Maximum Gradient Capacity: 30°
Bucket Discharge Distance: 1048 mm

Loading Bucket Capacity: 1 m3
Rated Loading: 2500 kg
Max. Articulated Height of Bucket: 3400 mm
Bucket Discharge Height: 2795 mm
Loading Lift Capacity: 25 Kn

Bucket Hydraulic Translation Function: Yes
Bucket Lift Time: 6.8 s
Bucket Lower Time: 2.5 s
Bucket Discharge Time: 1.2 s
Max. Tractive Force: 39 Kn
Max. Breakout Force: 38 Kn
Bucket Stick Digging Capacity: 31 Kn

Backacter Bucket Capacity: 0.1-0.4 mm3
Backacter Discharge Height: 3878 mm
Max. Digging Depth: 4080~4500 mm
Max. Digging Radius: 5688 mm
Bucket Slewing Angle: 190°
Bucket Digging Capacity: 46 Kn

Diesel Engine:
Model: Yuchai
Type: Turbocharging Four-stroke
Rated Power: 75 kW/ 102 HP
Rated Speed: 2400 r/min

Cylinder-internal Diameter: 4-105
Max. Torque: 400 N.M
Min. Fuel Consumption: 235 g/kw.h
Displacement: 4.3L

Transmission System:
Model of Hydraulic Pump: Fixed shaft Power Shift Transmission
Gear Shift: 2 Forward Shift 2 Reverse Shift
Torque: YJ-280
Drive Pump: CDXaf3016-IL

Flow: 16 ml/r
Work Pump: CBGj2063
Flow: 63 ml/r

Steering System:
Type: Articulated Hydraulic Steering
Model of Steering Control Valve: BZZ5-250
Model of turning Control Valve: YSF25S-00
Steering Angle: Left or Right 36=1°
Min. Turning Radius: 5018 mm

Man Transmission Type: Single Reduction
Wheel Reduction Type: Wheel Reduction

Tire Size: 16/70-20
Front Wheel Pressure: 0.22 Mpa
Rear Wheel Pressure: 0.20Mpa
Service Braking: Air Over Hydraulic Disc on 4 Wheels
Parking Brake: Manual Parking brake

Refill Capacity:
Fuel Tank: 80 L
Transmission: 25 L
Front Axle: 9 kg
Rear Axle: 9 kg
Hydraulic Tank: 140 L

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